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Personalizing How We Help You

Navigating the intricate landscape of Omnichannel and Retail Transformation can seem like a daunting task. That's why the Omnichannel Insights Academy and our Omnichannel Transformation Services exists, dedicated to empowering you with the knowledge and insights or the hands-on help needed to propel your business to unprecedented heights. As a Boutique firm we know what's going on in the markets at our heart, that's why we personalize to your needs.


Your journey is our priority. Our Omnichannel Transformation Services are meticulously designed to ensure you receive unwavering support every step of the way. Our dedicated team of experts is driven by your success. By partnering with us, you're embarking on a journey towards amplified revenue, optimized costs, and the creation of an immersive Omnichannel Experience that resonates with your customers.


We're intimately familiar with the obstacles you encounter. Our seasoned professionals are committed to being your steadfast guides, addressing your challenges with tailored strategies. Your success in the dynamic realm of Omnichannel isn't just a goal; it's a shared mission. Together, we'll sculpt a strategy that harmonizes with your distinctive objectives, unlocking the boundless potential that lies within your business.

Omnichannel Insights Academy


Website Audit

Unlock Captivating Insights
Delivered to Your Inbox

€ 0

Online Store Audit Only - Ask for Offline

Answer 10 Questions,
and we'll hit the ground running.

The Ideal Audience

All Leaders: CEOs, CDOs, CCOs, Heads of Retail or E-commerce. Discover the Current Omnichannel Status of Your Website!


Here's What You'll Get

✔ In-depth analysis of 25 key Omnichannel processes in your online store

✔ Comprehensive examination of essential Omnichannel areas

✔ Uncover the untapped potential for your online store's growth and success

✔ Omnichannel Audit Report




We Recommend Organizing it in Person to Create the best Experience

€ 1795

Per Business - Up to 25 people

Schedule a 30min free Intake

The Ideal Audience

C-Level Leaders and Retail Innovators! A Transformative Workshop Designed for Heads of Retail, Digital, and E-commerce.


Here's What You'll Get

✔ Unlock the Power of Omnichannel: An Exclusive 45-60 minute Presentation


✔ Stay ahead of the curve with the latest trends and future insights strategies


✔ Empower your Business with Actionable Knowledge to Start Your Omnichannel Success!


✔ Interactive 2.5-Hour Omnichannel Workshop use-case Based on Strategic or Tactical Level


✔ Unleash Your Brand's Success: Explore Proven Omnichannel Strategies that Drive Real Results in Our Workshop!

Custom Made Management report

Here's What You'll Learn

 Inspiring Strategy insights

 Global Retail Trends

 Best Omnichannel Practices

 Step based transformation

 Untangle the Complexity



We Recommend Organizing it in Person to Create the best Experience

€ 2995

Per Business - Up to 25 people

Schedule a 30min free Intake

The Ideal Audience

C-Level Leaders and Retail Innovators! A Masterclass Designed for Heads of Retail, Digital, and E-commerce.


Here's What You'll Get

✔ Ultimate 7-Hour Omnichannel Strategy Masterclass to build your knowledge

✔ Accessible Approach to Elevate Your Business based on 15 Years Experience

✔ Hands-on use-cases that actually work. Helping you to take a step by step approach

✔ Expand Your Horizons: Embrace the Power of Insights and Knowledge with Our Exclusive Omnichannel Masterclass


✔ Unlock Your Full Potential: Join Our Omnichannel Masterclass for Endless Inspiration and Motivation!


✔ Masterclass documentation


Here's What You'll Learn


∞ Omnichannel Modeling

 Creating the perfect Strategy

∞ Operational model design

 Experience Centric Journeys

 Creating the Business Case

∞ Generate more Revenue

 Cost Savings not Cutting

Omnichannel Transformation Services

In the fast-paced landscape of modern business, having the right guidance and models can be the compass that steers your organization towards unparalleled success. Our "Methodologies" package is designed to provide you with the essential tools, models and insights to navigate the intricate waters of Omnichannel and Total Experience strategies. We understand that every journey is unique, and that's why our team works closely with you to tailor a strategy that aligns seamlessly with your business goals.


What's Included:

Omnichannel Strategy

Craft a cohesive approach that seamlessly integrates every channel, ensuring a consistent and engaging customer experience.

Business Cases

Develop compelling business cases to secure buy-in and investment from stakeholders.

Total Experience Strategy:

Elevate your brand by curating a holistic experience that transcends traditional boundaries and delights customers at every touchpoint.

Transforming Company Structures

Drive innovation by reimagining your organizational structure to align with your experience-focused vision.

Operational Models

Streamline your processes for enhanced efficiency and resource allocation across channels.

Governance: Implement robust frameworks to oversee and manage your omnichannel and total experience initiatives.

Analysis on Customer & Employee Experience

Gain deep insights into your customers' and employees' perspectives, guiding your efforts for continuous improvement.

Our featured services revolve around six different pillars. Bold Rethink understands every business is different and that’s why we work for you.
We help you transform retail and create the best Total Experience.

Omnichannel Strategy
& Execution

Crafting Your Omnichannel Direct-to-Consumer Strategy with Expertise.


Partner with us to create and implement a comprehensive Omnichannel Direct-to-Consumer Strategy, covering both Customer and Employee Experiences. We're your constant companions throughout the journey, overseeing the entire vision from start to finish.


Our experts handle every facet, including designing the Omnichannel Customer Experience. This encompasses risk analysis, KPIs, P&L, ROI, and mitigation plans. Trust us to guide you toward success every step of the way.

Execution Guidance & Governance  

Collaborating with Your Organization for Precision and Governance


Our experts collaborate closely to craft a comprehensive plan and remain by your side throughout the entire journey.

In business, timing is crucial—aligning partners and resources precisely when needed. If orchestrating urgencies, capacity, budget, and execution for successful deliverables while establishing a robust governance and operational structure is your aim, the moment to act is NOW.

Retail & E-Commerce Transformation

Navigating Cultural Transformation in Retail and E-Commerce


Through insightful inquiries and in-depth exploration of your market and company culture, we lead you on the journey of Cultural Transformation. This not only enhances customer experiences but also elevates employee satisfaction. Because a thriving business hinges on the happiness of both employees and customers.

Wholesale Omnichannel & Marketplace Strategy 

Solve an Urgent
Business Challenge

Entering a New Market

Unlock the Power of Wholesale Omnichannel: Your Path to Unified Commerce Advancement.


Elevate your commerce game with Wholesale Omnichannel—the logical progression of Unified Commerce. Partnering with third-party marketplaces holds vast growth potential, provided it's guided by the right strategy and execution. Bold Rethink stands ready to craft the vision and design, complete with risk analysis, P&L, ROI, and effective mitigation plans.

Conquer Your Business Challenges.


Is a particular aspect of your business causing sleepless nights? Whether it's customer acquisition, retention, technology, or any other critical function, you've navigated various strategies to no avail, and fatigue has set in. What you truly need is a fresh perspective to guide your team toward solutions. The time has come for growth.

Elevate Your Digital Channels: Let's Craft Your Tailored Plan.


Digital potential left untapped? It's time to stop postponing and start innovating. We're here to create a bespoke roadmap, tailored to your brand, customer segments, financial gains, and the vital digital tools for your evolution. From strategy to supply chain, we've got every step covered.

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