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Your customer sees you as one channel and company

We guide organizations through the complexities of implementing a Total Experience strategy. Navigating the intricate interplay of organizational processes, technologies, and the unforeseen ways they influence each other, we focus on identifying and addressing the initial challenges that hinder the beginning of the Total Experience journey. Our expertise lies in uncovering these critical issues, setting the stage for transformative changes across every level of your business.

You want to create a
Total Experience. What now? 

At its best, the process should be seamless. 

Your customers should be able to go from one channel to another, digital and physical, without complications or setbacks. It should feel effortless, and even delightful, for customers to return to your brand. 


What you’re likely after is a Total Experience, where every flow, structure, and system you have builds that unified customer experience, powered by the successful application of an omnichannel strategy. Should we mention it’s about Customer and Employee Experience (at this stage).


Implementing such a lofty goal is easier said than done, though. You can’t go immediately from one organizational structure to another overnight, especially as you’re likely not completely aware of every point of friction. 


The first step toward elevating your customer journey and empowering your sales organization as a Total Experience is identifying what’s actually wrong in the first place. 


Let’s get into this crucial step on your Omnichannel journey. 

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There’s more to it than going digital (or physical)


For many retailers, it’s often not enough to open brick-and-mortar stores (for digital retailers) or throw together a website (for non-digital retailers). 


Customers who normally rely on digital shopping will always want the human experience of browsing through a store, and customers who prefer shopping in physical stores will likely pivot to digital storefronts for many reasons. 


So, you need to make sure the experience and the level of service are the same across both physical and digital channels.  

Where to start with Total Experience


Long story short, implementing a Total Experience overhaul is a huge and complex task on every level. You have to address issues across the organization, processes, and technologies, with many of these facets impacting one another in ways you didn’t know prior.


Where we start is the experience demand. 


Bold Rethink helps sales organizations uncover the challenges keeping them from starting on the Total Experience journey. 

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Total Experience Use Cases

Explore our use cases to discover unique insights on enhancing Omnichannel and Total Experience strategies for retailers, hospitality, banking, and telecom sectors.

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