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Grow Sales, Optimize Governance, Reduce Costs and Revolutionize Customer & Employee  Experience by Practical Digital Business Transformation Cases.

Singapore - Conrad Centennial
February 27, 2024 | 9.00 AM - 5.00 PM

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In the heart of Southeast Asia's retail revolution, navigating the e-commerce landscape presents unique challenges. Businesses in Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, and Jakarta grapple with integrating diverse consumer behaviors and cutting-edge technology. The SEA region, vibrant with cultural diversity and digital innovation, demands a sophisticated approach to retailing – one that understands the pulse of its digital-first consumers and adapts swiftly to their evolving needs.

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The core challenge lies in bridging the gap between online and offline realms – creating a seamless Omnichannel Experience that caters to the digitally savvy yet culturally diverse Southeast Asian market. Enterprises struggle with outdated models, unable to adapt to the fast-paced, consumer-driven landscape. The need for a dynamic strategy that aligns with the rapid changes in consumer behavior and expectations is more critical than ever.

Our hands-on Masterclass offers a Transformative Solution, uniquely tailored to Southeast Asia's landscape. Dive into operational model design and Omnichannel Strategy, designed to turn challenges into opportunities. Learn to build compelling Business Cases for Omnichannel Strategies, adapt to changing market trends, and create customer journeys that resonate with a diverse audience. This Masterclass is your gateway to mastering Digital Transformation in a digital-first world.

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Start with your Digital Transformation with the learning from our Masterclass, designed to conquer the unique challenges of this rapidly evolving, culturally diverse market. Are you prepared to lead your business through the complexities of Digital Transformation in a region where traditional retail norms are constantly being redefined? Join our esteemed guest speaker, a visionary with over 15 years of global expertise in retail, telecommunications, and B2B sectors. Celebrated for enlightening global audiences for more than 4 years, they now bring their wealth of knowledge to our Masterclass. Be empowered by their profound insights into Total Experience, Omnichannel strategies, and Digital Transformation, and unlock new dimensions of success for your community.

Imagine mastering the art of integrating cutting-edge digital strategies with the rich, varied consumer behaviors of Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, and Jakarta. This is your chance to not just adapt, but excel in creating seamless omnichannel experiences that resonate across diverse cultural landscapes.

Ask yourself: Are you ready to elevate your brand in the Southeast Asian market? Can you harness the potential of digital innovation to create impactful Customer Journeys? Our masterclass is not just a learning opportunity; it's a Transformative Experience that equips you with the insights and tools needed for this unique market. Join us to discover how to blend global trends with local nuances, ensuring your brand not only survives but thrives in the bustling commercial hubs of Southeast Asia. Embrace this journey to become a pioneer in a landscape ripe with opportunities, where the fusion of tradition and technology creates a new frontier in retail excellence.

Loek Berendsen

Masterclass Speaker

Loek Berendsen, an esteemed Global Omnichannel Strategist and Speaker, brings over a decade of experience in retail and e-commerce customer experience programs worldwide. His expertise in Omnichannel Solution Strategy is driven by a deep understanding of customer needs and market trends, aligning seamlessly with the dynamic retail landscape of Southeast Asia.

Berendsen's career highlights include roles at notable companies like IKEA, ECCO Shoes, MOBILY KSA and Vodafone, where he has consistently demonstrated his ability to innovate and transform customer experiences. His tenure at IKEA as a Global Digital Transformation Strategy Advisor and Global Platform Strategy Leader involved developing digital and Omnichannel strategies, underscoring his proficiency in integrating physical and digital customer touch points. At ECCO Shoes, he excelled as a Global Omnichannel Manager, overseeing the brand's Omnichannel Strategy and customer journeys, showcasing his capability to manage complex, cross-functional projects and drive significant business improvements.


His accomplishments extend beyond corporate roles, as evidenced by his contributions to Shopping Tomorrow, where he shared his knowledge as a consultant and expert. This experience, coupled with his proven track record at Staples Solutions and CX Company in enhancing digital customer experiences, positions him as a leading voice in omnichannel strategy and customer experience transformation.


Berendsen's approach is characterized by strategic vision and practical futurism, with a strong focus on customer-centric solutions. His leadership style is adaptable and engaging, making him effective in diverse cultural settings – a crucial trait for navigating the multifaceted Southeast Asian market.


In essence, Loek Berendsen stands out as a visionary leader and an omnichannel expert, whose rich experience and innovative strategies align perfectly with the evolving needs of the Southeast Asian retail and e-commerce sectors.

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